Privacy Policy

1. What personal information is collected, and how

When you create a free online user account on Sports Sniper System we will record information such as your email address, I.P. address and your username (as provided).

When you choose to join our fantastic email newsletter we will record your email address and name (as provided).

When you contact our support team for assistance with regards to any information onSports Sniper System we will record the information provided.

All such information is also used to improve our service offering, to fulfill your requests and ensure we can contact you when the need arises.

2. How your personal information is used

Your personal information is used by Sports Sniper System to keep you up to date with new information, announcements, relevant updates and other events deemed to be of value to you. You may choose at any time to opt out of receiving communication by following the relevant unsubscribe link.

When you enter any competitions, giveaways or sweepstakes offered by Sports Sniper System we will use your personal information to administer such programs.

We will use your personal information to verify your account information should the need to verify such information arise.

Sports Sniper System runs targeted advertisements based on your personal information. Viewing and interacting with such an advertisement is deemed as acceptance that we can assume you meet the targeting criteria used to display the ad.

3. How we use Cookies

Sports Sniper System makes use of cookies and other technologies to assist in recording non-personal statistical information such as how much time is spent reading the content of a certain page, or which banner advertisements receive the most clicks by our users.

A cookie is simply a non-intrusive, 100% safe, text file stored on your computer by Sports Sniper System in order to assist us in serving you relevant and valuable content and promotions. Please note each site you visit will drop its own cookie to your computer.

While this information gives us no insight into you are a person (hence non-personal) it does allow us to serve adverts and other content which based on the information stored by the cookie may be of interest to you. This can include articles, customized advertisements, and targeted services.

You can disable cookies in your browser at any time, however, this will reduce the value you can gain in terms of being useful and interesting content. It will also cancel any browser customizations you may have put in place.

4. How we use your IP Address

When you visit a website your Internet Protocol (IP) address is shared with the site you are visiting. The information shared includes, yet not limited to, your browser type, your computer language setting, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and your operating system.

While this information is non-personal we do treat it with the same level of security and afford it the protection we afford to your personal information.

It is only used for internal analysis of user trends, so that we can best optimize Sports Sniper System to offer a superior online experience.

5. Personal Information disclosure to Third Parties

Sports Sniper System does not trade, share, transfer or disclose any of your personal information.

We do seek to partner with companies who provide services, solutions and promotions we feel will be of value to our customers, in such instances we reserve the right to share your information with these parties. These parties are obligated to protect the privacy your information. These parties have no autonomous right to distribute your information.

In the event of a merger, reorganisation or sale of Sports Sniper System we may transfer all recorded personal and non-personal information to all relevant third parties. In this case, Sports Sniper System will inform users before personal information becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

We may release your information should we be required to do so by law in order to comply with any legal processes.

We do not provide any warranty against the use of your information by third party websites linked to, and from, Sports Sniper System.

6. Protection of Children

Sports Sniper System is an online gambling information portal and as such none of its marketing content, products, services or promotions are appropriate for, or targeted at, children and visitors under the age of 18 years of age (or equivalent minimum age in the relevant jurisdiction).

Sports Sniper System bears no responsibility for the actions taken by children or visitors under the age of 18 (or equivalent minimum age in the relevant jurisdiction) based on the content found on Sports Sniper System, or any of its sub-domains and pages, nor our outbound marketing campaigns (including but not limited to our email newsletter).

For more information please be sure to visit our Terms and Conditions.

7. General Account Registration Policy

You can register a free account with Sports Sniper System. Please note it is not obligatory to do so in order to continue using the website and participating in the promotions on offer, unless stated otherwise.

Account registration is not available to children and visitors under the age of 18 years of age (or equivalent minimum age in the relevant jurisdiction). In accordance with this policy Sports Sniper System does not knowingly record, store or disclose any personal information related to children and visitors under the age of 18 years of age (or equivalent minimum age in the relevant jurisdiction).

Once you have registered an account you can at any time request for the account to be de-activated, or deleted. Please note we will retain the registered information in our secure archive for statistical and analysis purposes.

In addition you simply have to contact us to request to be removed from our marketing communications.

8. Customer Account Confidentiality

Your personal information will only be exposed to staff members of Sports Sniper System who require access to certain data in order to perform the functions associated with their position in the company.

Your personal information is password protected in a secure digital encryption environment.

We abide by all regulations for the protection of personal information.

9. General Data Security

Sports Sniper System has implemented the necessary and digital and infrastructure security measures at the physical IT and data storage facilities to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of your information.

10. Content Conditions

Due to the realities of maintaining websites and other digital content we cannot guarantee that all content will be accurate at all times.

For this and other reason Sports Sniper System reserves the right to adjust and make amendments to the information contained within the site without notice.

It is worth noting that some services and promotions are subject to regulatory and jurisdictional restrictions, and are therefore not available in all markets.

The responsibility lies with you to ensure that any information you respond to is currently valid before committing to the required action.

11. Changes to this Privacy Policy

Sports Sniper System has the right to make changes deemed necessary to any aspect of this policy without notification to any user.

To stay up to date with the policy please be sure to review the policy periodically.